Q:-How do I update the message on my NectarKast device?

A:-Simply login to nectarkast.com/portal to update your messages on the devices you own. Select the device and set the message!

Q:-Where should I place my NectarKast devices for the best use?

A:-We recommend for best use to purchase 3 devices for your location with 3 separate messages! Place them where you see fit.

Q:-You guys are awesome! How do you do it?

A:-We work hard and have a dedicated team that works around the clock to provide you with an amazing product and service.

Q:-How do I open a support ticket?

A:-Use our support portal here.

Q:-How much does NectarKast cost?

A:-NectarKast costs $15 per unit with a $15 activation fee and $15 dollars per month per unit. Shipping is FREE inside of the USA. Shipping to Canada is $10 & International shipping is $15. We use a flat pricing structure and bulk custom pricing is available through our Enterprise Sales Team starting at 50 units.

Q:-I'm in love with NectarKast. How do I become a re-seller?

A:-It's simple. Every customer who purchases a nectarkast is configured to be a reseller. Simply purchase 1 device and we will email you your login credentials for our Partner Program.

Q:-How does your compensation plan work?

A:-We have the best and most fun compensation plan in the industry. Each direct unit you sell you earn, and for each person you refer you also earn for their direct sales. We are not an MLM but work by referral.

Q:-What is Group Revenue?

A:-Group Revenue is all of your direct sales PLUS the direct sales of those who you have referred. Again we are not an MLM but a 2 level referral business. Realtors and other professionals use the same business model but ours is more fun!!

Q:-Where can I find a copy of your compensation plan?

A:-It's on our homepage in the Partner's Section of our site. Simple click on the downloadable PDF to view our compensation package.

  1. We ship out our devices in the OFF position. To turn ON your device click on the left side of the button and hold down the left side of the button for 4 seconds. You will see a SOLID blue light that flashes and then goes away. Your device is now on. To turn OFF the device you hold down on the right hand side of the button for 4 seconds and the face will flash a blue light 4-5x and know your device will be off.
  2. Make sure Location Services and Notification Services are turned on for your Android device.
  3. Swipe down your notification window and you should see your message appear on your phone in the notification bar. This may take a minute after turning the device on. This message will be our default Nectarkast message unless you have changed it in your portal.
  4. Go into your portal and change your message to be any valid HTTPS URL.
  5. If you have any problems, check the Technical Support section of this help.

Q:-I am not seeing my notifications. What should I do?

A:-Check Bluetooth and location settings on your Android device. If your Bluetooth or location are off, you won’t get Nectarkast notifications. Also, if your device isn’t connected to the internet you won’t get notifications. Make sure you are either on a working wifi network or that you have a good cellular signal.


  1. Turn OFF Location Services and turn OFF Bluetooth Services for 1 minute on your phone. Go to the portal and change your message and update your URL link and press submit. Add an extra character to your message and then enter a new URL or simply click on the box. Then Click 'SAVE'
  2. Turn on Location Services FIRST. On Android you will get a pop-up and ask you to agree to location services. Click AGREE.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth Services. On Android you will get a pop-up that asks you to connect to Bluetooth devices around you. A popup will come on your screen that gives options of CANCEL or SCAN. DO NOT CLICK ON ANY OF THESE. On the bottom right of your Android phone press the 'RETURN BUTTON' 2x. This will bring you back to your phones home screen.

Q:-I got my device and it doesn't work! What should I do?

A:-Simply reach out to us at admin@nectarkast.com. We can send you an instruction and troubleshooting sheet.

Q:-Will you replace malfunctioning devices?

A:-Of course. We want happy customers. Simply send us your device and we can switch it out. Email us and we will send back instructions on how to send your items back!

Q:-How long does it take to get my devices in the US?

A:-If you are located in the US you should have your devices delivered within 2-5 business days.

Q:-How long does it take to get my devices outside of the US?

A:-For international orders it may take up to 30 days to receive your devices. Please check with your local customs office for average delivery times to your country.