NectarKast Experts

There’s a reason we call our Partner Dealers experts. Actually, there are three: training, proven customer satisfaction and a willingness to go the extra mile. Sure, expert is a strong word. But the people on this page have earned it!

Working With an Expert

To ensure your local NectarKast Expert recommends the right way to implement our product for your business, let them know what matters most to you.

You might consider these questions:

  • How is Proximity Marketing used in my type of business?
  • How can I expand my reach to get more new customers?
  • How does it work and what should I expect?
  • What is the best pricing plan to be on based on my business size and goals?
  • How often should I update or change my campaign?
  • What are some good strategies to use that will help me grow?

Authorized Experts

NectarKast Authorized Experts haven’t earned their distinction just by selling and serving their clients. Our experts must meet our requirements for quality and training before we give them our endorsement.

NectarKast Authorized Experts:

  • Participate in extensive product training, to ensure clients working knowledge of our products.
  • Identify and recommend solutions that provide value to your needs.
  • Respond to customer feedback, maintaining exemplary scores in a NectarKast approved satisfaction program.
  • Employ best practices in all areas of operations from initial outreach, continued follow up, and customer service.
  • Exhibit exemplary product knowledge and helps onboard clients with ease.
  • Goal Oriented, focused, and always willing to learn and expand on their skill sets.


The NectarKast President’s Award recognizes NectarKast Experts who exemplify leadership and management, customers satisfaction, expertise, business growth and operational excellence.

The NectarKast Presiden’ts Award is our highest honor to our partners. This annual award is designed to encourage self-analysis and reward individuals who have exceeded high expectations, not only as a NectarKast Expert, but also as one of our NectarKast Parnters. We award this honor to our deserving partners to support business improvements and show gratitude for their ongoing efforts. Recipients serve as role models, and cultivate excellence across our Partner Groups.



Kathy Moore

Kathy’s dedication to customer onboarding and training is amazing. She is a true pioneer in proximity marketing and her love for her clients and their success is clear. She is a world class leader and not only that a wonderful mother and grandmother. We are proud of all the hard work and dedication Kathy brings to the teams that she manages. She is always available and always on call and such a wonderful communicator, we are so proud to call her our partner.


Jabbar Fairweather

Jabbar is a community leader who has impacted the lives of many. Jabbar is passionate about working in local communities to make a difference, and he loves to educate. Jabbar graduated with a degree in Information Systems and later added real estate to his education accomplishments studying at Drexel and Temple Universities. Jabbar averages speaking to 42 people a day and in Philadelphia is known as Mr. Opportunity and is a highly professional. We are proud to have Jabbar as part of our team and he is super passionate about local advertising and educating others about our system.